How to use Reiki for improving wealth

November 14, 2010

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A lot of folks learn reiki with the idea it is used only for physical and emotional healing, however you needn’t restrict your reiki to these domains even though most of us have plenty of baggage in those areas. Reiki can also be used to attract positive energy to your bank account.

I know a lot of people are going to say that is a lot of rubbish, however, I say if it works why question it! Reiki is about bringing in energy to heal circumstances and issues as much as it is about healing a sore ankle or back spasm. And sometimes a lack of money is due to your own thinking and fear of a lack of money, and this can benefit from having some reiki energy come into the situation.

Attune Yourself  to Reiki Here and take control of your future

If you have read books like “The Secret”, you will know that positive thinking and creating your future reality are intertwined so inexplicably that it is is virtually impossible to accumulate money and wealth if you are continually pushing it away though negative thinking processes. Using your mind to create the future reality take a lot of practise and I thoroughly recommend using these techniques also.

Reiki assists, supports, and compliments the process of creating your own reality, by bringing positive energy into this area of your life. It is no good simply vanquishing negative energy and thinking from your body and mind if you don’t replace it with positive energy.

Scientists will tell you that from an electromagnetic point of view humans are electrically neutral – we are neither positive nor negative from a charge point of view. However at the emotional level negative energy is 90% more powerful than positive energy – so to maintain a balance in our system we actually need to have a lot more positive energy than negative energy. So any negative thoughts about accumulating wealth and money need a lot of positive reality creating energy to overcome these seeds of destruction. And reiki is excellent for this purpose.

Assuming you have reached Level 2 Reiki, here are some simple steps to assisting you in bringing money into your life:

1. Write on a piece of paper your intention for the amount for money you want in your life and when you want it.

2. Draw the Distant Healing symbol over the proclamation.

3. Draw the Emotional healing symbol over the Distant Healing symbol.

4. Draw the Power symbol over both the Emotional and Distant healing symbols.

5. Fold the paper up into a small square, make the power symbol again over the square and say out load the proclamation that you wrote on the paper, adding your own name, spoken three times, and end with the the statement “For the highest good” – and then secure the proclamation some where deep in your wallet.

Adding the statement for ‘For the highest good” allows the positive reiki energy to flow in a way that is best for the individual in the long term. If you are asking for money to fund a bad habit such as a gambling addiction or a drug problem, then do not expect your bank account to be overflowing with funds immediately. The reiki energy will likely initially flow in the direction of curing your addiction first. However if your intentions are good then money will come.

Another simple use of reiki symbols is to draw the power Symbol on the inside back cover of your check book – and verbally call the reiki energy to bring cash into your bank account.

Reiki symbols are very powerful tools for the reiki practitioner – they should always be used with the statement “For the highest good” – however even if you do not add this proclamation I personally believe that reiki energy will only flow in a positive direction in any case. It may not be what we always want at first but it will be the best for us in the long term.

Learn to use Reiki symbols – bring Reiki energy into your life now

All energy is made of the basic building blocks of the universe – physicists are still theorizing as to what these building blocks look like – some call them strings, others call them membranes. One thing is clear though and that is that at the sub-atomic level where energy rules and particles flash around at the speed of light, time is non-existent. Time exists for us at the macro level however, so when we see some delay in the reiki working for us we doubt something is going on. In fact everything is in progress – when you use the Power symbol and call reiki into a situation, the reiki energy has no choice but to come. Be confident that the Reiki energy is working for you for the highest good.

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