Reiki healing courses – how can I learn reiki?

October 25, 2010

Reiki Healing

When I first got interested in Reiki healing courses, the first place I began looking for a teacher was the internet.

There were no Reiki teachers in my home town so I emailed a teacher – Liz Currie – in Auckland New Zealand and followed up with a phone call a day later. Liz informed me that she would be conducting a reiki healing course, teaching several new students in a town around 3 hours drive away from where I was living, in the coming weekend and I was welcome to join in. My timing was fantastic!

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So I made the trip, had a great first training session – and booked in for a followup session a few weeks later, once again in the same venue. The training was awesome as you get to experience reiki healing from the master/teacher, and that alone made the trip worthwhile.  A few months later I spoke again to Liz and asked her to attune me to level 2 Reiki – or 2nd degree reiki – and Liz informed me she was holding a class for 2nd degree students, this time in my home town, and it would be in 3 weeks time. Although I was impatient to advance, thre weeks rolled around and I got attuned to the second level, learning the use of the Reiki symbols at the same time. About a year later I followed up with 3rd degree Reiki and attunement for the Master symbols.

Although the entire reiki healing course took near on 18 months, I was OK with that, because frankly that was the only way for me to progress as a practitioner and I enjoyed immensely the teaching of Liz Currie, a really beautiful person.

Of course now you can complete a reiki healing course in your own home. Times have changed and you can actually attune yourself to the reiki energy with an online reiki healing course. Some might say you lose the connection with a teacher in this way, however I have found personally that the need for a reiki teacher is a very temporary need.

Once you are attuned and practiced in the use of reiki and the reiki symbols then you are qualified to do reiki healing. Your teacher at this point is no longer required. If you wish to communicate with other reiki practitioners then there are a number of online forums and groups you can join for the purpose of community. So don’t be afraid that doing an online reiki healing course is somehow not as good as when yo learn reiki from a  one-on-one teacher.

Reiki itself is inherent in all of us – you don’t need a teacher to “give” you the ability. When a Reiki teacher attunes you to reiki they are simply activating – flipping the switch so to speak – the ability that is already within you to perform reiki. So there is no real difference between being attuned by a Reiki teacher or attuning yourself. The end result is exactly the same.

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I really recommend you learn reiki if you have an interest in reiki healing. It is a fantastic ability that we all have and can switch on so easily. Its not expensive to take an online reiki healing course – less than $100 in fact – and once the reiki has been activated you have it for life.

Enjoy Reiki!

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